Restraining Order Violations

Violating an order of the court in Oregon is no small matter. If you are facing charges of violating a restraining or protection order, you need the assistance of an aggressive and experienced law firm. Call us today to see how we can help.

When a restraining order is put in place a judge typically does so to protect someone. Often they are issued without objection. When you willfully disregard the judge’s order, you break the law, plain and simple.


Of course there are defenses, and it is very possible to be arrested for something that is not your fault. And there isn’t always legal justifcation for a protection order in the first place.

But even if a restraining order is taken out under false pretenses or you don’t think it is fair, it still has to be adhered to until the court vacates it. This means that even if it is wrong, you must abide by it or face criminal charges.

Restraining orders can do many things. Even violating on small section of the order can get you a jail sentence and hefty fines. You may be apprehensive about going before the judge after this violation, and we can fully understand that.

We have handled many cases like these before. We know what you are facing and know how to help. We can fight for the best outcome in court and will do so with your best interests in mind at all times.

What Is a Restraining Order in Oregon?

There are several types of restraining orders. Yours may have been drawn up during divorce proceedings to help ensure property wasn’t tampered with. Or, you may have been involved in a domestic violence situation or stalking/ harassment.

Whatever the reason the order was put in place, you can face serious criminal charges for violating it.

A restraining order can require you to stay so far away from someone, their work, or home. It can also award temporary custody of children.

Penalties for Violation of a Restraining Order in Oregon

If this is your first violation, you will likely be charged with a Class A misdemeanor which carries a potential sentence of up to one year in prison and fines up to $6250.

However, if you have previously violated the order or you have a stalking conviction on your record, the violation will be charged as a Class C felony and carry a potential sentence of up to 5 years in prison and fines up to $125,000.

Ref: Or. Rev. Stat. §163.750

Free Legal Consultation on a Restraining Order Violation in Oregon

When you violate you will more than likely immediately be taken into custody (particularly if there is any domestic violence history) and held until a judge can see you.

Because restraining orders are typically put in place to protect someone, Oregon criminal court judges do not look favorably on people who violate them. Particularly when you are in a situation like this, with the courts not on your side, our defense lawyers are there for you and only you.

Call our attorneys today to discuss your case and see how the skills of an experienced and aggressive firm can help.

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