Reckless Driving / Careless Driving

Being charged with a potentially criminal driving offense like careless or reckless driving is not the same as getting a ticket. These traffic offenses are much more serious than a simple fine; they are criminal offenses can leave a permanent mark on your record. When facing a criminal charge like this, you need an attorney willing to defend your rights and your freedom to drive, fighting for the best possible outcome in court.

Both Reckless and Careless driving charges are very subjective. Some officers could choose to write you up with a criminal offense citation, instead of a simple speeding ticket or traffic violation. As your attorney, we can argue that the charges easily could have easily been written differently by a different observer, or that the police officer simple overreacted and overestimated the seriousness and severity of the alleged driving behavior.


Or you may have simply made a mistake under stressful circumstances, rushing through traffic for an urgent reason. Perhaps you didn’t realize you were driving erratically or doing anything wrong. Because reckless driving can include many different driving behaviors, many people are surprised when they are charged with it.

Whatever happened in your specific situation, we can help. We can protect your rights in court and make sure you can fair treatment under the law. And we know how important it is to protect your drivers license.  Contact us for a consultation to find out what we can do to help you.

Oregon Careless Driving – Laws & Penalties

You may be charged with this serious traffic violation if your drive in a manner that endangers or that could endanger any person or property. Generally this is a Class B traffic violation that carries a $300 fine. If your driving leads to an accident, the fine is elevated to $600 and the offense is a Class A traffic violation.

Careless driving becomes much more serious if it involves an accident that causes serious injury to someone. Although it remains a traffic offense, the court will sentence you to the following additional penalties:

  1. Traffic Safety Class
  2. 100-200 hours of community service
  3. Driver’s license suspension for typically a minimum of one year
  4. Fine of up to $12,500.

Ref: Or. Rev. Stat. §811.135

A serious traffic offense with serious penalties, careless driving charges need the help and expertise of a skilled attorney.

Oregon Reckless Driving – Laws & Penalties

Reckless driving is a criminal charge. You could be charged with this offense if you recklessly (showing disregard for safety) drive and endanger the safety of people or property.

Reckless driving is a Class A misdemeanor and carries a potential sentence of up to 1 year in jail and $6250 in fines.

Ref: Or. Rev. Stat. §811.140

Organizing a Race

Street racing has become quite popular. While racing itself is only a traffic offense, organizing a race is a criminal charge. If you organize a race that takes place on a roadway and includes two or more vehicles, you could be charged with this felony.

Organizing a racing event is a Class C felony charge and carries a potential 5 year prison sentence along with fines reaching $125,000.

Ref: Or. Rev. Stat. §811.127

Serious traffic offenses carry serious penalties. If you are facing charges like these, contact us for a legal case evaluation, and find out how we can help you protect your record and your freedom to drive.

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