Harassment / Stalking

Being accused of a criminal offense of harassing or stalking can be a very difficult and humiliating experience. We know you had a relationship with the alleged victim, and are dealing with a difficult issue.

It is entirely possible that your actions were misinterpreted and you are not guilty of the offense. We have handled many cases like these and know how they happen. We are interested in hearing the specifics of your case, however, and helping you.


Whether you believe you are absolutely innocent of the charges against you or if you did something you now regret, we can give you the aggressive defense you need in the Oregon criminal courts.

Oregon Stalking Laws & Penalties

You may be charged with the crime of stalking under Oregon law if you knowingly alarm or coerce someone or a member of someone’s family by engaging in repeated and unwanted contact and the conduct causes the alleged victim reasonable fear regarding their safety or the safety of someone in their family or household.

In most circumstances, stalking is a Class A misdemeanor. Class A misdemeanors are punishable by up to 1 year in jail and fines reaching up to $6250.

However, if the offense is committed and you have a prior stalking conviction on your record or a protection order violation conviction on your record, you will face Class C felony charges. This charge carries a potential prison term of 5 years and fines reaching up to $125,000.

Ref: Or. Rev. Stat. §163.732

Menacing Laws & Penalties

Similar to threatening, menacing involves putting someone in fear of imminent physical injury. This is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to 1 year in jail and fines reaching $6250.

Ref: Or. Rev. Stat. §163.90

Oregon Harassment – Laws & Penalties

You may be charged with harassment and potentially found guilty if you intentionally harass or annoy another person by:

1.      Subjecting them to offensive personal contact,

2.      Publicly insulting them in a way that is likely to provoke a violent response,

3.      Subjecting them to alarm by telling them a lie concerning the death or injury of a person, or

4.      Calling them on the phone, writing them, or emailing them a threat to inflict injury or commit felony on them or their property.

Harassment is typically a Class B misdemeanor which carries a potential sentence of 6 months in jail and fines reaching $2500.

Ref: Or. Rev. Stat. § 166.065

If you are accused of Harassment, Menacing or Stalking in Oregon, and have to appear in court to defend yourself, you need the best advice you can get. It makes sense to talk to several lawyers to find out who is the best fit. We offer a free criminal defense consultation for you to evaluate us and our experience, and give you a chance to get some answers to the questions you have.

Contact us via phone or email phone, and we will gladly speak with you at your convenience. There is no obligation.

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